If you sent money to bless Israel over the past two weeks, we want to thank you for surrounding the vulnerable with the love of Jesus. We value your trust and your support. That is why we want to tell you exactly where your Israel donation really goes and how this money is spent in Israel. 

FIRM is honored to connect you with trusted partners on the ground, and we do not charge any fees. This means that 100% of your donation goes to the projects we and our partners run in Israel.

Donations through FIRM Israel

The FIRM team in Jerusalem and worldwide is working around the clock to coordinate, buy supplies, distribute aid, and more. All that to show Israel that her Christian friends are with her. 

In just ten days since the vicious attack on October 7, thanks to your help, we’ve been able to do so much already! We have imported bulletproof vests for soldiers, set up food kitchens and distribution centers, delivered goods, like mattresses, power generators and washing machines to affected areas. 

We are supporting counseling centers and helping relocate families that have no safe place to call home. Our staff, volunteers, and partners on the ground are making sure that all the resources go directly to where they are needed most. 

We are trying to move as fast as we can and collaborate with ministries doing effective work all across the country. Thank you for praying, getting the word out, and supporting these vital efforts. And there is still a lot more work to be done. 

Here are the first main areas the FIRM Foundation has allocated finances for. And to learn more details on how your money is reaching specific ministries in Israel, keep reading. 

– Emergency Food & Water for Those in Need

Your generosity is helping to feed thousands of people in need all over Israel daily in this time of crisis. From displaced civilians to hastily deployed reserve soldiers, believers like you are helping feed those on the frontlines.

Just to give you an example: we have set up a field kitchen that serves 1000+ restaurant-quality hot meals for lunch and dinner every single day. We are buying and delivering groceries to dozens of households and bomb shelters. 

Through FIRM, your donations also take care of groceries and hot meals for many displaced people from the communities that have been under rocket fire.

– Critical Equipment & Essential Supplies for First Responders

Your overwhelming support via donations to Israel has enabled us to provide critical equipment and essential supplies to first responders, local councils, policemen and soldiers. The unprecedented scale of this horrific attack caught all these protective services off guard. Your generosity is enabling them to respond fast and save lives.

Your money has been used to save lives through protective gear for soldiers. That inlcudes bulletproof vests, fire-retardant uniforms, headlamps, mattresses and more. We have also purchased generators and other essential supplies for the city councils of attacked communities. 

Together with our local partners, we have opened a command crisis response center. It will effectively manage the many volunteers from the local body who want to help.

– Evacuating & Relocating Displaced Families

Your selfless giving is helping to evacuate and relocate displaced families. It includes the Gaza border communities, as well as northern Israel. The need is great, as 60,000+ people had to leave their homes. Your donations to Israel are making a significant difference for many of them.

We are organizing activities and games for the children of the displaced families, while providing aid for families that have lost everything. Through our local partners, we are able to shelter and protect the civilians that have been displaced. 

So far, your incredible support and willingness to help those hurting on the ground has made 35+ projects possible! That number will continue to grow as we identify more needs. The local body continues to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Israel with the help of your giving.

Your Money is Blessing the Hurting in Israel

Thanks to your giving, we have been able to support the vulnerable in the areas of greatest impact of this war. We want to tell you about the incredible people and organizations that we’ve been working with on the ground. Your donations are making their work in Israel possible! 

Many in the land are out of work, while the schools are closed. And hundreds of thousands of families are missing someone who has been called to the reserves. This means that the majority of the single parent homes in Israel are currently struggling. 

Some of your donations were sent to Streams in the Desert, a ministry that has been purchasing groceries for 40 single moms in southern Israel. We also supported Ahavat Yeshua congregation, that is preparing meals for some of the displaced families that are now in Shoresh.

Through our partnership with Chosen People Ministries, you sponsored food boxes for 140 people, including Holocaust survivors. This ministry has also helped evacuate Holocaust survivors from Ashkelon and Sderot to the eastern part of the country. 

Your support is reaching ministries like Return to Zion, Dugit and King of Kings Herzliyah. All of them are making meals, delivering supplies, and reaching out to the towns and moshavs along the Gaza border. 

Donations to Those Who Protect Israel

As you may already know, over half a million reservists have been called up to protect Israel. Many had only a few hours to leave their home and arrive at their base. Because the terrorist attack on Israeli civilians was so unexpected, the military bases were unprepared for this many soldiers in such a short amount of time. 

In Tel Aviv, the ICF congregation has been equipping policemen while also sending supplies to soldiers on army bases. They have sent their volunteers to help people on the ground affected by rocket fire.

You may remember our local partners Lech L’cha and Netivah from the incredible work they do among the young adults in Israel. But since every Israeli is called into the army at the age of 18, majority of their friends are either enlisted or have also been called up.

These two organizations have been instrumental in our distribution of goods. Through their impressive network of people, paired with your faithful giving, they have done an incredible job meeting the needs on the ground.

Vision for Israel, an organization with huge storage facilities was able to send trucks with equipment to soldiers. They also deliver supplies to their families and everyone in need. At the same time, they collected and distributed necessary equipment for first responders all across Israel. 

Your Donations to Israel Matter

Our partners in Israel have been paying attention to what is needed and have been unmatched in meeting the needs on the frontlines. We are honored to share the available resources with these ministries.

Fields of Wheat has purchased equipment for soldiers in the IDF in both southern and northern Israel. This includes headlamps, flashlights, high quality watches, helmets, charging batteries, backpacks and more.

Meanwhile a big humanitarian organization called Joseph Project has collected and delivered mattresses, towels, socks and similar essentials to reservists who were called up for duty and await on further orders.

Beit Immanuel congregation is another community of believers that blessed the reservists. They purchased 500 cell phone portable chargers for them, among other things. And it was sponsored by you! 

We are also grateful for communities in central Israel, Yad HaShmona and the Baptist Village. They have opened their doors wide both for the people in need, as well as for volunteers who are bringing in the help. 

Meeting the Needs also in Israel’s North

While the current war is between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas based in Gaza, the nation needs to stay alert on all fronts. Several rockets fired by Hezbollah from Lebanon have put all the northern communities at risk as well. 

Vision for Israel collected funds to put up a new bomb shelter in northern Israel, as they are much less common there than near Gaza. Meanwhile, Jews for Jesus was able to purchase a surveillance drone for the security in the north. 

But we need to talk about our partner in Nazareth, namely, Home of Jesus the King Church. They are Arab believers who choose to bless Israel as commanded by the Lord. Their faithfulness and courage are awe-inspiring. 

In cooperation with One for Israel, they prepared care packages for families and soldiers in northern Israel and distributed the goods while sharing the name of Jesus. It is truly an honor to support our Arab brothers and sisters in Nazareth! 

We also mentioned to you that families are being evacuated from the towns and villages on the Lebanese border. Our friends at Hotel Yehuda in Jerusalem have opened their beautiful facility to host dozens of families escaping the danger zone. 

Thank You for Your Donations and Prayers for Israel!

The number of projects continues to grow, and more of our local partners are joining these humanitarian efforts. As FIRM develops more initiatives and puts them into action, we want to keep you informed and stay accountable to you.

We are so grateful for your partnership. We are here on the ground, representing you, and trying to be as effective as possible with the resources given. Thank you for your trust! 

If you want to give more to the incredible work of believers in Israel especially now, in this time of crisis, click here firmisrael.org/emergency 

Help provide emergency relief for families across Israel

Emergency Crisis Response Fund

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