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Israel Academy of Ministry Israel Academy of Ministry Israel Academy of Ministry Jerusalem, Israel Equipping leaders with practical skills The IAM academy is focused on training in practical leadership to raise up well-rounded leaders in Israel. Daniel Geppert, Leader Jerusalem Seminary Jerusalem Seminary Jerusalem Seminary Jerusalem, Israel Equipping Believers to Understand Their Faith in and through the Land of the Bible Jerusalem Seminary’s objective is to make biblical education and ministry training in the Land of the Bible essential and transformative. Baruch Brian Kvasnica, Founder and Director Jews for Jesus Jews for Jesus Jews for Jesus Tel Aviv, Israel We relentlessly pursue God’s plan for the salvation of the Jewish people. Jews for Jesus is making disciples and fulfilling the Great Commission by engaging Jewish people with the gospel message, equipping them to follow Jesus, and inspiring Christians to do the same. Eli Birnbaum, Israel Director Kehila News Israel Kehila News Israel Kehila News Israel Kiryat Haim, Israel Kehila News Israel Kehila News Israel (KNI) is creating an online, Israeli news site curated from the Messianic community in Israel to benefit, unify, and strengthen the local and international Body of Messiah. Joseph Magen, Founder Kehilat HaCarmel Kehilat HaCarmel Kehilat HaCarmel Haifa, Israel Building the One New Man in Haifa Kehilat HaCarmel is impacting the nation of Israel by strengthening and unifying the congregational body in Haifa and reaching out to the lost with the love of Jesus. Daniel Sayag, Pastor Kehilat Yesharim Kehilat Yesharim Kehilat Yesharim Kiryat Gat, Israel Reaching and Restoring Ethiopian Families with the Gospel Kehilat Yesharim strives to cultivate the next generation in the truth of the Gospel through congregation life, practical service, and marriage counseling. Yeshiwas Aysheshim, Pastor Kerem-El Messianic Congregation Kerem-El Messianic Congregation Kerem-El Messianic Congregation Haifa, Israel Bringing Jesus to Israelis in Haifa Kerem-El Messianic Congregation is impacting the nation of Israel by strengthening and unifying the congregational body in Haifa and reaching out to the lost with the love of Jesus. Jonathan Arnold, Co-Pastor King of Kings Herzliya King of Kings Herzliya King of Kings Herzliya Herzliya, Israel Reaching Herzliya with the Love of Yeshua King of Kings Community Herzliya is a strategic worship center offering Messiah-centered Biblical teaching, contemporary worship, and a unique fellowship of Messianic Jewish believers and Christians from around the world. Daniel and Jalene Geppert, Pastors King of Kings Ministries King of Kings Ministries King of Kings Ministries Jerusalem, Israel Advance His Kingdom from the Heart of Jerusalem King of Kings Community is a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community who is revealing the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel and the nations. Chad Holland, Senior Pastor Lech L’cha Lech L’cha Lech L’cha Petah Tikva, Israel Making disciples who make disciples Lech L’cha is bringing glory to Jesus by encouraging young Israeli believers to live a life of discipleship, to study God’s word daily, to evangelize, and to spend time in prayer, worship, and fellowship with other believers. Yohanan Stanfield, Founder Light of Zion Light of Zion Light of Zion Jerusalem, Israel Passionately pursuing revival in Israel Light of Zion is an intercessory prayer ministry dedicated to revival in Israel. We oversee prophetic prayer networks around the world and in Israel, and serve in the leadership of an Israeli house of worship and prayer. Directed by Israeli Messianic Jews Kerry and Sandra Teplinsky, we are passionate about raising up God loving, priestly-prophetic, watchman style intercessors for Israel with a Kingdom perspective. We also serve needy Israelis with practical acts of compassion and justice. Sandra and Kerry Teplinsky, Founders and President/Vice-President Little Hearts Preschool Little Hearts Preschool Little Hearts Preschool Jerusalem, Israel Nurturing children through faith-based education. The Little Hearts Preschool makes a difference in the lives of children by creating a loving and nurturing environment that models unity amongst the Arab, Jewish and International communities. Emily Shkedi, General Manager Living Israel Living Israel Living Israel Haifa, Israel Reaching people and communities in Israel and abroad to plant congregations During the past years God formed our vision and created a congregation. The vision of our congregation is planting of the new churches that will be capable to reproduce (multiply) themselves in the future. As of today, 22 fellowships of “Living Israel” are already born. They are located in Kazrin, Tiberias, Karmiel, Nazareth, Maalot, Naharia, Akko, Kiriat Bialik, Kiriat Mozkin, Haifa, Hetanya, Rishon le Zion, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, and Beer Sheva. Michael Sadovsky and Gleb Sambursky, Senior Pastors Medallion Medallion Medallion Jerusalem, Israel Creating Bible-based teaching materials for children and youth Medallion is creating, producing, and distributing original, culturally appropriate, Bible-based literature, curriculum, and resources for children and youth in the Body of Messiah in Israel. Debby Nalbandian, Director Melech Hamlachim Melech Hamlachim Melech Hamlachim Jerusalem, Israel Building strong families and leaders in Israel Melech HaMlachim is a family-oriented, Hebrew-speaking, Messianic Jewish congregation called to disciple new believers and families, equip the next generation, and share the Gospel through servant leadership and the unconditional love of God. Oded Shoshani, Senior Pastor Morning Star Fellowship Morning Star Fellowship Morning Star Fellowship Tiberius, Israel Bringing life and living hope to Galilee Morning Star Fellowship is preparing the way in Galilee for the coming of the Lord. Claude Ezagouri, Leader Nachalat Yeshua Nachalat Yeshua Nachalat Yeshua Beer Sheva, Israel Preparing the way for Messiah’s return Nachalat Yeshua is a congregation bearing witness to the Good News of Jesus in order to grow the Kingdom of God to full maturity in preparation for the Bridegroom’s return. Howard Bass, Leader Netivah Netivah Netivah Jerusalem, Israel Reaching Youth in Israel Netivah is guiding the youth of Israel to a saving knowledge of Yeshua the Messiah, teaching them to be rooted in the Word, challenging them to serve the Lord, and encouraging them to connect with their congregational community. Yoel Goldberg, Founder and Director One for Israel One for Israel One for Israel Netanya, Israel Sharing the Gospel and training leaders in Israel One for Israel is reaching Jews and Arabs in Israel with the Gospel in a culturally relevant manner and is training them to be disciples who are equipped, mobilized, and energized to believe in God’s promises and participate in His purpose for Israel and the Nations. Erez Soref, President Or HaGalil Congregation Or HaGalil Congregation Or HaGalil Congregation Nahariya, Israel Living and sharing the Messiah’s life, peace, and unity in the Galilee Or HaGalil (Light of the Galilee) Congregation is a community of Jews and Gentiles who believe that Yeshua is the Messiah, and through Him all who believe can live a new life in peace and unity. Dr. Efraim Goldstein, Pastor Reach Initiative International Reach Initiative International Reach Initiative International Jerusalem, Israel Bringing Yeshua’s love to the poor and those in need Reach Initiative International is dedicated to bringing the Good News to the people of Israel and the nations, serving the poor and needy, and empowering the next generation to impact the world for God. Stewart Winograd, Executive Director Return to Zion Return to Zion Return to Zion Haifa, Israel Help bring physical and spiritual restoration to Israel! Return to Zion wants to see the Jewish people restored and the name of Yeshua proclaimed in all of Israel. Leon Mazin, Lead Pastor Shemen Sasson Shemen Sasson Shemen Sasson Jerusalem, Israel Shemen Sasson Congregation Shemen Sasson is an Israeli community in Jerusalem, comprised of people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds who believe in the Bible; Old and New Covenants, as the inspired word of God. They honor Yeshua of Nazareth as the promised Messiah of Israel. They meet together at their house of prayer and community center, in downtown Jerusalem, in regular daily, weekly and monthly intervals to share life – as they worship together, pray together, learn together, celebrate together, and strive to serve the greater community in a spirit of unconditional love. Yonathan Almeida, Senior Pastor Streams in the Desert Streams in the Desert Streams in the Desert Omer, Israel Serving orphans and widows in Israel Streams in the Desert is actively fulfilling the Biblical command to care for widows and orphans in Israel by meeting their physical and spiritual needs. Marianna Gol, Founder and Director
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