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Member Highlight: Celebrate Messiah

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February 12th, 2018
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“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Bringing the Message to the Original Messengers

Celebrate Messiah is an interdenominational, evangelistic society dedicated to raising the banner of Messiah amongst God’s ancient people in Australia and 18 countries around the world. Their vision is to effectively communicate the Gospel in a culturally relevant way to Jewish people around the world (with particular emphasis on Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Israel) by sharing the truth that one can be Jewish and believe in Yeshua. Their ministry efforts, carried out in partnership with Chosen People Ministries, focus on creative outreach, planting communities, advocacy and support for local congregations, teaching resources, prayer initiatives and ministry to Holocaust survivors.

“So in the same way also at this present time there has come to be a remnant according to God’s gracious choice.” Romans 11:5 (TLV)

“So He says, ‘It is too trifling a thing that You should be My servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and restore the preserved ones of Israel…’” Isaiah 49:6 (TLV)

“We recognize the biblical imperative to share the Gospel with God’s ancient people – the Jewish people. The Jewish people, in Australia and worldwide, represent an unreached people group that need to hear about the love of God demonstrated in Yeshua the Messiah.

We see ourselves as ‘remnant seekers’ – proclaiming the Good News to our Jewish brothers and sisters wherever they may be, praying that God would bring in the remnant, the preserved ones of Israel.”
Lawrence Hirsch, Executive Director

The Plentiful Harvest in Australia

Celebrate Messiah actively ministers in three major centres in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, each with growing messianic congregations. The Melbourne-based hub is strategically located in Caulfield, a suburb with the largest Jewish community in Australia. The close-knit community boasts more than 75,000 Jewish residents and many transient Israelis in search of temporary work. Ministry in Melbourne includes a benevolence service called Tikkun Olam, which provides food parcels to Jewish people in need, outreach to Israeli backpackers, and two thriving Messianic congregations (one English and one Russian-speaking).

Melbourne is a strategic area for Jewish ministry as it has the highest number of Holocaust Survivors per capita of any city worldwide. Many of these Holocaust Survivors have become believers in Yeshua through the ministry of Dom Missi’ee, Celebrate Messiah’s outreach to Russian-speaking Jews, which offers abundant resources on Messianic Judaism for the community as well as aid to needy families. This ministry is reaching both the elderly and the younger generation, sowing into the harvest for years to come.

Beit HaMashiach is a multi-ethnic congregation representing 30 different nationalities with a distinctively Jewish focus and style. They serve the community by providing Hebrew classes, an Art Gallery and specific ministries for children, youth and young adults.

“Work here is exciting and challenging. Just this weekend we had a young Jewish seeker drop into the Shabbat service. He was relatively new to Melbourne and he had seen the sign on our building the day before and thought he would take a look. He loved the worship and the spirituality and engaged with some of our young people. We’re praying we will see more of him.”

Reaching Backpackers in New Zealand

Celebrate Messiah operates three centres on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, providing dynamic and highly effective outreach to Israel backpackers, especially during the summer months. Every year, around 15,000 Israelis trek New Zealand, many of them hosted in Christian homes throughout their journey.

One of these centres is Zula Lodge, located in the beautiful region of Wanaka. Celebrate Messiah staff, volunteers and young Israeli believers work together to host hundreds of visiting Israelis during the season and engage them in spiritual discussion about Yeshua HaMashiach. Last year, Zula Lodge hosted over 1,000 Israelis, many of whom received reading materials about Yeshua and a special Backpackers Bible, and engaged in hours of discussion with Israeli believers that come to serve for 3-6 months as evangelists.

Zula Lodge is an awesome ministry that is making a great impact. This ministry is forging greater unity among Messiah-centered ministries as it is carried out in partnership with Chosen People Ministries in Israel and other local ministries like Netivah.

New Congregations in Russia

Celebrate Messiah reaches out not only to Australia, New Zealand and Israel, but to Russia as well. They have planted two congregations in the Far East of Russia – one in Artum near Vladivostok and the other in the Jewish autonomous region of Birobidzhan. Another small congregation has recently started to grow in Khabarovsk.

“Thanks for praying for us here down-under (Australia and New Zealand) as we reach out to Jewish people here, Israeli backpackers, as well as to Russia and Israel. Your prayers are much appreciated!”

Join us this week as we pray for the ministry and team at Celebrate Messiah Australia:

  • Pray for divine strategies for reaching the large Jewish communities in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.
  • Pray for greater openness and opportunity to share Messiah with the many Israeli backpackers that visit Australia and New Zealand.
  • Pray for growth and health in the new Messianic Congregations in Artum, Birobidzhan and Khabarovsk in Eastern Russia.
  • Pray for Lawrence and the team at Celebrate Messiah – for wisdom and grace, and an increase in resources to be able to minister to many Jewish people around the world.
  • Learn More: www.celebratemessiah.com.au
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