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Young Adults in Israel – Who is Showing Them the Way?

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December 17th, 2020
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Let’s face it, young adults in Israel were the real MVPs of 2020. While we all struggled with how the world has changed, the young people in the Holy Land had to make adjustments no one could have predicted. 

Young Adults in Israel

Just imagine. They finished highschool learning solely online. They never got a traditional graduation with their peers. Then, they had to begin their mandatory army service. But because of COVID-19 restrictions, they were not able to visit home often. For the first time in their lives, they had to learn how to live on an army base with very little time off. 

Their entire world would have changed anyway, while joining the army. But the pandemic just made it more uncomfortable and unnatural. Through it all, they started to build up resilience and grit. Nevertheless, it still felt off, like if someone stole their normal lives.

As the Israeli youth entered adulthood in 2020, many have been feeling isolated and alone. They were forced to grow up in a world that changed (almost) overnight. In a time like this, more than ever they need mentors and wise leaders. Who will show them the way?

Making Disciples

We are inspired by multiple youth and young adult ministries throughout the country. They have adapted and intentionally stepped up to meet the ever-changing needs of young adults in Israel. Let us tell you a little bit about these groundbreaking organizations. 

Netivah (“path”) responded quickly by reshaping their pre-military preparation program. Following the necessary health and safety protocols, they have continued discipling young adults through the program. Unrelenting, they decided to still hold their summer program. It is designed to help young people develop supporting relationships that will carry them through military and beyond.

Lech L’cha (“go forth” taken from Genesis 12:1) run a 3-month discipleship school for young Israeli believers. This year they decided to continue, despite challenges. After military service, young people join the school in order to seek the Lord and prepare for ministry. In 2020, it seems even more important than ever. Prayer, worship, and in-depth teaching helps them find their balance after serving in the army.  

Supporting Students 

Hope for Israel launched their “Supplies for Students” initiative to meet practical needs of university students. All study programs in Israel are offered today only online. This means that each student needs their own computer, printer and more. Hope for Israel is purchasing necessary equipment for the underprivileged students, to allow them to join online classes with no restraints. 

Keren Sh’va (Sheba Foundation) is another organization that is looking after young students who may not have the means to continue their education. They plan on providing computers and tutoring tools to Ethiopian-Israeli youth. These young people are eager to complete their school requirements and prepare for their matriculation exams. But there still is a waiting list for computers needed for academic work. 

Young Israeli Believers

We have so much respect for these ministries! We have seen these leaders sacrifice and strategize, with sincere hearts, to serve young adults in Israel. They are living out the Great Commision to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28). 

We want to help them continue,  even though we can’t always be there in person. From afar, we can “show up” for these ministries, just like they are showing up for the young Israeli believers. Can you help them, too? 

Let’s equip them with tools for effective discipleship as we kick off 2021! 

Give now to help disciple these young Israeli believers.

We are over 98% of the way to our goal of investing 1 MILLION dollars into transforming Israeli lives in the name of Jesus! With your contribution, we can help believers in Israel Rise Up and reveal the light in the midst of darkness. 

This year you can help believers in Israel rise up and be a light in a dark season.

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