Melech HaMlachim – An Israeli Congregation

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July 11th, 2017

Melech HaMelachim (King of Kings) is a family-oriented Hebrew-speaking Messianic Jewish congregation in Jerusalem, serving the local body. Our primary focus is to be a spiritual home and family for local believers, with the Word being central to all we do.

Melech HaMelachim seeks to disciple new believers and families, to equip the next generation, and to share the gospel with our community by modeling servant leadership with the love of God.

Pastor Oded Shoshani and his wife, Sandy Shoshani lead the Melech HaMelachim congregation. Sandy is also the director of Bead Chaim-Pro Life, a ministry that exists to save the lives of the unborn in Israel.

Thirty-five years ago, Pastor Oded committed his life to God and grew in his faith under his mentor, Wayne Hilsden. Oded became a pastor 13 years ago and felt called to youth ministry. He wanted to help young people know Jesus and grow in their faith.

Today, their congregation is filled with babies, youth, and young adults.

In Oded’s words, (paraphrased)

“It’s not a place to come and seek peace [and quiet], since there is a lot of noise, but everyone is welcome! We are blessed to have so many youth and young adults in our congregation. They are very important to us!

We have had some situations where youth who walked with Jesus their entire lives, all of a sudden left God and decided to go in a different direction. We pray for them often. Most of our youth are now in the army. This is probably the hardest time in their lives since it becomes so easy to leave the faith. Please join us in praying for the younger generation.

A little while ago we met a young girl that wanted to get close to the Lord, but her parents were not believers. We asked their permission before telling the girl about Jesus, because we do not do anything illegal. Today her parents are also coming to faith and being saved.

We encourage young adults to succeed in life, pursue careers, and study at good universities. We want them to pursue what God has planned for them! We also want them to serve the Lord in society. We provide and help them with school tuition and living expenses. Not for the sake of the money but for the sake of the name of Yeshua.

We would like more of our young people to become leaders and serve the Lord at other congregations.

Again, we don’t provide for the youth for the sake of the money, but for the sake of God’s work within them.”

Prayer Points

  • • New Home Groups forming in Congregation
  • • Leadership Development
  • • Soldiers’ Faith
  • • Young Youth
  • • Healthy Marriages
  • • End of Abortion
  • • Upcoming Congregation Fun Day/Weekend Retreat
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