Pastor Robert Madu said that coming to Israel was like getting an energy drink for his faith! Are you ready to boost your faith as well?

Robert Madu at Jerusalem Encounter in Israel

The theme of the Jerusalem Encounter conference was Every Tribe and it resonated with pastor Madu. That is because the unity in diversity at the event was real – and beautiful! Speaking of the name of Jesus, Robert said:

“The name that unites us is greater than anything that would try to divide us.”

Pastor Madu shared with the audience how the purposes of God remain true and relevant to us through each and every season. And to illustrate his message, he brought up the story of Jesus’ baptism. 

Titling his message “From the Water to the Wilderness”, pastor Robert Madu reflected on visiting important sites in Israel.

You can listen to pastor Robert Madu preaching in Israel here:

From the Water to the Wilderness

Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River, and later the Spirit of the Lord led Him out into the desert. But first, in that unique moment in the river, the heavens opened.

The Spirit of God descended like a dove and rested on Jesus. A voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:16-17)

During his session, pastor Madu asked the audience, if they experienced an open heaven moment on their trip. An open heaven moment is when you experience God’s power and His presence, he explained.

“When the heavens open, you know the Word of God will change your life forever,” he added, as the audience nodded in agreement.

The Holy Land Dare

The open heaven moment for Jesus solidified His identity and prepared Him for the wilderness. He remained confident and faithful, despite temptation and His flesh being weak.

“Never let the wilderness dictate your worship. Let your worship speak in the wilderness,” pastor Madu shared.

The proclamation over Jesus is a reminder to us all today. Just like the Father affirmed His begotten Son, He is reminding each one of us: you are loved, you are my child, and I am pleased with you.

Pastor Robert Madu invited everyone in the audience in Israel to take a “Holy Land dare”, as he called it.

“Every morning, declare these words over yourself: ‘I am loved. I am a child of God – and He is pleased with me’,” pastor Madu repeated the words multiple times.

Follow Robert Madu’s Lead and Visit Israel!

Do you want to experience the Holy Land for yourself? The borders are open, and the path has been paved! We want to welcome you to Israel and show you the land that God chose and loves!

Join us for Jerusalem Encounter Tour: www.jerusalemencounter.com

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