Israeli Believers, together with Christians who support them, are changing the lives of those who recently suffered under the Hamas Terror Attacks.

In the aftermath of a short, but very destructive conflict in May, we followed up with a few FIRM Member Ministries on their humanitarian efforts.  

Hamas Terror Attacks

The conflict affected many families in Israel. Some had their homes damaged or their property completely destroyed. And although the peace treaty was reached pretty quickly, the losses were real.

Reaching a peace agreement is huge, but it did not patch up the damage that was already done. That is why it was so encouraging to hear how the local believers and ministries immediately took action. Some are helping financially, and others prepared care packages. Together, they are sharing hope for a better tomorrow.

A local home group from the Ahavat Yeshua congregation sought ways to be a tangible blessing to those impacted. With a desire to be the hands and feet of Yeshua (Jesus), they raised funds to purchase quality goods for families that experienced loss. As FIRM, we were happy to show our support as well.

“Our vision has always been two things. To deepen the relationships with one another to build a strong community, and to impact the society together through acts of service,” shared Rebecca and Jonah Rikhi, leaders of the group.

Where to find support for Israel?

The vision of the home group has been clearly defined, so they are always looking for ways to help the community.

In a town called Sderot, mere miles away from Gaza, they got in touch with a local congregation. The believers in Sderot knew families that were affected by the conflict directly.

In another city, Ashkelon, the home group from Mevaseret Zion (outside Jerusalem) had contact with a person working with the needy. They simply asked: “Can we prepare packages for the families that suffered?” She was touched touched and very willing to distribute the baskets to the families.

Over the summer, these faithful followers of Yeshua distributed baskets with non-perishable grocery items and essentials to almost 40 families. Most of the families live in the Israeli south, in cities like Ashkelon and Sderot. Moreover, one additional gift is being sent to a family in Beersheva, where a rocket hit their home directly.

We cannot begin to understand the trauma of something like that happening to one’s home and family.

Ready to Rebuild

Along with the nonperishables, members of the home group included cards with words of blessing. Further, they prayed for the families as they were putting the boxes together. Then, the packages were handed over to Joseph Project who volunteered their delivery service. This particular ministry specializes in distributing humanitarian aid.

But there is more! Israeli believers are leaving a mark with their efforts to protect the vulnerable and aid the victims. Another ministry called CBN Israel was also quick to respond as needs and threats arose after Hamas terror attacks. They wasted no time when they realized that the losses were bigger than before.

CBN Israel rushed in with relief. First, they reached out to families directly affected by rocket fire from Gaza. Their goal? To counter these vicious attacks with tangible expressions of love and compassion. 

The organization has already built bomb shelters for communities in high-risk areas. They also provide trauma counseling to victims. On top of that, this year CBN Israel decided to also support the affected families financially.

Assessing the Damage and the Needs

Israelis whose homes or property were hit by a rocket need resources to rebuild and repair. CBN Israel found many of these families, assessed the damage, and helped with funding to meet their most urgent needs. These attacks by Hamas affected most of the Israeli south, including cities like Beersheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot, Eshkol, Holon and more.

A few severy affected families needed to leave their homes. CBN Israel invited FIRM to partner in helping them get a fresh start. Thanks to your support from all around the world, we were able to join hands. Additionally, CBN Israel will follow the progress to assess the need for potentially more funds.

CBN Israel already sent aid to 40 families, and aid for 15-20 more families is in the works. Additionally, 10-15 of these families will receive further aid, due to significantly worse circumstances. Along with funds for a fresh start, CBN Israel is sponsoring 10 new bomb shelters and equipment for security volunteers. These include aid kits, fire extinguishers and more.

Stand with Israel against Hamas Terror Attacks

When tragedy strikes, it may seem difficult at first to assess where to help and what to do. We are grateful for the amazing work of FIRM Member Ministries who know the land of Israel and love her people. Their feet are on the ground and their hands are always ready to serve.

We can help you get started in blessing Israel financially in a clear and direct way. Meet the Tribe – a passionate and faithful group of monthly donors on a mission. Our goal is to transform lives in Israel through the love of Jesus. Join the Tribe today: firmisrael.org/thetribe

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