We are weeping in prayer as we watch the war in Ukraine rage on. Meanwhile, an increasing number of refugees arrive in Israel. The suffering we see is overwhelming.

We are grateful that the government of Israel decided to open its borders to Ukrainian refugees. Together with 9+ local ministries, we want to help these new residents in Israel find a way to call it home.

Loving mother holding her child in the bomb shelter

Assisting Refugees from Ukraine

Many of the refugees arriving in Israel have Jewish roots, but not all. Desperate for safety, most of them escaped their war-torn homeland with just the clothes on their backs. With empty pockets and fear in their eyes, they searched for a place that would offer them shelter.

Israel has waived all visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens. Despite the criticism for not taking a clear stand at first, in response to the war, the Jewish state has quickly revealed their position by taking real action.

Firstly, Israel has already taken in more refugees than any other country which doesn’t share a border with Ukraine, reported Jewish Unpacked. Over 2 million refugees already entered Poland. So Jewish organizations and ministries have been very active in this western neighbor of Ukraine also.

Secondly, Israel was the first nation to open a field hospital inside war-torn Ukraine. It is fully staffed by Israeli medical workers. It remains the only field hospital in Ukraine of its size, with readily available medicine and equipment needed on the ground.

Ukrainian Refugees in Israel

Partner ministries of FIRM are uniting to help house, serve, and feed Ukrainian people as hundreds arrive in the land every day.

“The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.” (Lev 19:34)

Our local partners, ICF Tel Aviv and REACH Initiative International, teamed up to take on a project they called “Turning a house into a home”.

These incredible believers realized that the Ukrainian refugees never had a chance to collect their savings or sell their possessions, like cars or apartments. The government is helping the new arrivals with rent, but many are starting to worry about daily costs of living in Israel.

ICF and REACH have already started buying furniture and appliances for the immigrants arriving from Ukraine. We at FIRM were also eager to jump on board and assist in any way possible! Have you joined yet too??

Join FIRM and Local Ministries in Israel in Providing Crucial Assistance!

You can help be a catalyst to multiply the impact of local believers on the Ukrainian refugees in Israel. The initiative is already in motion, and several families received assistance from the Body of Messiah.

Pavel and Irina arrived in Israel in early March from Kharkov, a city in Ukraine that was severely shelled, practically leveled to the ground by the Russian invader. The couple was grateful to have made it out alive, but they were still anxious about their future.

The local believers were there to help them practically from day one in Israel. Through a network of ministries, Pavel and Irina found a place to live and received necessities to turn their house into a home. Basics like a bed or a couple of chairs and a table are now like treasures.

This beautiful Ukrainian couple was touched to tears that believers in Israel and around the world contributed to this. They will remember it forever that when their country was under attack and they had to flee, they were welcomed with open arms by people who love God.

Help Provide Emergency Relief for Ukrainian Refugees

Israel is a light to the nations as local believers show Ukrainian families the love of Jesus through meeting practical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Support FIRM local partners in responding as the hands and feet of Jesus in this moment of great need today!

100% of donated funds through FIRM go to our local partner initiatives serving Ukrainian refugees in Israel. Will you join us? Click below:

Yes, I want to help!

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Estera Wieja
Estera Wieja is a journalist, book author and public speaker, focused on the topics of Israel, Jewish history, and Judeo-Christian culture. Born and raised in Poland, Estera is a regular contributor to "Our Inspirations" magazine in Poland. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communications and Media from Azusa Pacific University (California, USA), and a Master degree in Journalism from University of Warsaw, Poland. Estera has lived in Jerusalem, Israel for several years before joining the staff at FIRM in 2018.
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