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How To Explain The Uniqueness Of Israel Without The Bible

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April 6th, 2016
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When it comes to Israel, there are uninformed opinions, conflicting theologies and piles of Bible verses to back up seemingly opposing viewpoints, and that’s just within the Church. How can we communicate our support for Israel to those that have no Biblical foundation or understanding without sounding flaky? There are tangible things that God is doing in the earth right now with Israel and the Jewish people that we can point to for illustration, and these things were meant to be a sign to the world.

The people

Never before in human history has a people group lived on a specific region of land, and then were forcibly removed from that land, but returned to the same piece of land 70 years later — only to be forcibly removed again and scattered to the ends of the earth — to then return again to the same piece of real estate 2000 years later. Those returning are not only of the same blood line, but hold to the same religious scriptures and customs as their ancient ancestors. No people group in earth’s history even comes close to this. When ancient civilizations like the Roman Empire would conquer a region, they would take the captives and spread them throughout their Empire, knowing that within a couple generations that family would assimilate into their new culture. The Jewish people are the only ancient people group in history to retain their identity while away from their original homeland.

The Land

When Israel was out of the land, it was desolate and forgotten. Through the last 2000 years, this region was conquered and reconquered. While the land had many masters, it never became a homeland for any other people group and the land would never produce for any other people group. Within the last 100 years of substantial Jewish immigration to their ancient homeland, the land is changing dramatically. Swamps have been drained. Millions of trees have been planted. According to the Washington Post, Israel exports over $2 billion annually of water technology. Last year, Bloomsberg Business reported that Israeli cows give more milk per capita than any other cows in the world. From water technology to desert farming techniques and raising livestock — Israel’s land is producing miracles that are feeding millions around the world.

The Language

Hebrew is the only language on earth that was considered a “dead language” that has been revived for a common unifying language. Not Latin or Aramaic or any other ancient language in history, but Hebrew. Today, it’s being studied by millions and is the national language of the Jewish people.

Modern History

The modern history of Israel is simply miraculous, starting with the war of independence in 1948. According to the book “O Jerusalem,” on the first day of the war, Israel had no official army and most of its arms were not in the country due to British blockages of Palestine. On the first day of fighting Israel had no planes, one tank, a few armored vehicles, and a couple cannons. They didn’t have enough guns for the people or enough bullets for guns. The Jews were outnumbered four to one — that’s four well-trained and well-equipped Arab soldiers to every one Jewish immigrant or citizen fighter, many with homemade weapons and no experience. What the world expected to be a quick one to two week conquest, turned into an agreement eight months later to end the fighting. The documentary “Against All Odds” states that the Kremlin and Pentagon do not study the wars of Israel due to their largely improbable outcomes. David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister and well known atheist, stated “in Israel, to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.” If only I had the room to list all the quotes and articles from secular war reporters around the world as they stated their amazement of what they were seeing first hand during the wars of Israel.

So what makes Israel unique and why should we take a closer look? At the very least, we cannot say that Israel is just like every other nation, but consider there is something Sovereign at work. The only thing that ties these four points together is the Jewish people are the only family that the God of the Bible is said to have made an everlasting covenant with. What is happening right now with the land of Israel was foretold by the prophet Ezekiel, when “My People Israel” (Ezekiel 36:8-12) return to the land. The only language in history to ever be revived was the Israel’s native tongue and is also the original language of 2/3 of the Bible, which is was also written by Jews. All of these are culminating in our day and we are watching a nation do things that no other nation have done before — come back to their land, their language, and their heritage — but this is not so we look at Israel but to God.

Then the nations that are left round about you will know that I, the LORD, have rebuilt the ruined places and planted that which was desolate; I, the LORD, have spoken and will do it.” – Ezekiel 36:36

God is doing this so the nations will look to Him. Let’s readjust our gaze.

Doug Hershey
Doug Hershey shares from a perspective of historian and storyteller. He is the author of the best-selling book ISRAEL RISING. His new online video course, "10 Prophecies Fulfilled in Our Lifetime" connects bible prophecy with its fulfillments in Israel today. Doug is the founder of Ezra Adventures, a travel and education company, specializing in exclusive customized small group travel throughout Israel and the Middle East. For more info, go to DougHershey.co or keep up with Doug Hershey, Author on FB, IG and Youtube.
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