Jerusalem Encounter: See the Land. Serve the People

This summer, you are invited to experience Israel and to serve its people as part of Jerusalem Encounter:

May 29 – June 8, 2024

Why Israel?

Like many other countries around the globe, Israel is rich in fascinating history and beautiful nature. However, the uniqueness and importance of this little sliver of land is incomparable. Visiting Israel should be far from just checking off another country from your travel list.

From the beginnings of the earth, God revealed which place in the world is significant to Him in a major way. God chose this specific piece of land for Abraham to move to. He saved His people from slavery and brought them back to this land. And most importantly, His Beloved Son was born here.

The Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) created an opportunity for people from every nation to discover Israel on different levels. Jerusalem Encounter (JE) is an annual immersive event for Christians who want to get acquainted with the culture of Israel, to examine its biblical significance, and to connect with local believers. This summer, Jerusalem Encounter will also include three days of service opportunities. Participants will have the opportunity to help bring Hope and Healing to the people of Israel in this historic season.

What is Jerusalem Encounter?

The full JE experience includes a tour through the land for a total of a 10-day, immersive trip to Israel that will deepen your faith and your perspective of God’s promises, people and your part to play in it all.

In 2024, the trip includes 3 days dedicated to service and support of the people of the Land. Throughout the trip, participants explore Biblical sites to gain a fresh perspective on the Scriptures. With the help of Israel’s best guides and biblical scholars, one can study the locations of key events that shaped their spiritual lives. Not only does the Bible come alive before their eyes, but they are literally following in the footsteps of Jesus.

By serving and meeting local believers, the visitors start seeing the land for what it is today, and how it looks from the inside. The past suddenly connects to the present and paints a picture of tomorrow. The experience of a lifetime that commences with worshiping on the Sea of Galilee ultimately concludes in giving God praise in the center of His beloved city – Jerusalem.

Serving the People

Lives were forever changed by the events of October 7th, and there remain many needs throughout the nation of Israel. JE participants will have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus during three days dedicated to loving and serving the people of Israel.


Connecting with the Body in the Land of Israel

The Jerusalem Encounter conference is your opportunity to make connections with ministry leaders from Israel and abroad. It’s a chance to be inspired by superb speakers and to worship God alongside some of the world’s best Christian musicians. But it is much more than that.

In Jerusalem, every JE participant is given a unique opportunity to hear from local ministry leaders about what the believing body in Israel is doing. Events are meticulously designed to give everyone a chance to hear from ministry representatives in Israel.

Every person should set foot on this land at least once in their lifetime. But more than that, the focal point of such a visit should be learning the land’s connection to both the past and the future of the world as we know it.

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Help Transform Lives in Israel

Can’t come to Israel yet? Support what God is doing there in the meantime. FIRM has a simple way to start putting kingdom investment into impacting lives in Israel.

The Tribe is a passionate and faithful group of monthly donors on a mission to transform lives in Israel through the love of Jesus. Join the Tribe today: firmisrael.org/thetribe

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