Uprooting an Ancient Hatred: What You Need to Know about Antisemitism – Free Video + PDF Guide Mini-series

Alarmingly, it has been impossible to miss the recent rise of blatant Jew-hatred around the world. Jew-hatred, which is widely known as antisemitism, is not a thing of the past. Far from it.

Sadly, this ancient hatred is alive and prevalent today.

Our hearts break as we see this despicable hatred raising its ugly head in cities worldwide. We have seen people everywhere chanting hateful slogans, like “we don’t want no Jewish state” and even “Gas the Jews.” Jewish students have been verbally and physically assaulted on college campuses. Many of them even fear for their lives. Hateful symbols, like swastikas and flags of terrorist organizations, have been proudly displayed at anti-Israel rallies. We have even seen businesses with signs saying “Jews not allowed.”

As we see this happening, we can be assured that this is not a political problem, but a spiritual one. This hatefulness is not merely an attack on people, it is an attack on God. 

In Zechariah 2:8, God says of Israel and the Jewish people: “…he who touches you touches the apple of His eye.” 

What do you need to know about antisemitism? Find out in this unique mini-series that our education department developed especially for you. We will send you the series in four parts over the next couple of weeks, covering:

  • What is antisemitism? Why the rise in Jew-hatred today?
  • History of antisemitism: Is this a part of Christianity?
  • Antisemitism today
  • How the Church can fight antisemitism

Each of these topics is especially taught in a video by an expert and has an accompanying, multi-page PDF guide to scroll through or print.

Join us as we dig into what lies at the root of this issue, while dispelling myths, and nurturing dialogue around this critical issue.

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